Small Business Marketing News Update - Florida Trend Magazine Reveals Surprising Demographic Stats About Northeast Florida And The Entire State

If you were to market a product or service to the youngest county in the state of Florida, which county would you select?

According to the May issue of Florida Trend magazine, Duval County, with a median age of 34, beats out every other county in the state.

If you were to test market a product, service or restaurant, which city would you pick?

Jacksonville ranked 15th in the nation by marketing research firm Acziom as a preferred test market city because it more closely reflects American demographics. Tallahassee was the only other Florida city on the list.

Florida Trend sheds light on a bassboat load of interesting statistical information regarding the state of Florida. And these updated stats can play a key part of marketing. Being able to target the accurate demographic profile of your audience is the one of the first steps in the marketing process.

Florida Trend has compiled extensive coverage on the changes of demographics over the years, explaining that the perception of Florida has been changing from a state of cheap homes, retirees and tourists to a state featuring its ports, the bioscience industry and research institutes.

Some additional demographic highlights from Florida Trendinclude…

Population Numbers
Florida’s population is 19.05 million – ranking it fourth behind New York with 19.47 million; Texas with 25.67 million; and California with 37.69 million. Florida is projected to surpass New York by 2016.

Population Distribution
In 1900, two-thirds of Floridians lived north of Ocala.
By 2012, nearly have lived south of Lake Okeechobee.

Florida ranked second in the nation for the lowest percentage of residents born in the state – 35.2%. Nevada is first with 24.3%.
The largest number of people moving to Florida came from New York, with more than 55,000 in 2010. This is followed by Georgia, Texas, New Jersey and California.

Florida’s Ethnic Communities
Hispanics – 22.5%
African-Americans – 16%
Haitians – Miami Metro area has 36% of the Haitian nation’s population, making it number one in the U.S.

If you are interested in knowing more about where Florida has been, where it is going and the various perceptions of the state, be sure to the get the current issue of Florida Trend.

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