Get Quality Leads with Your Data Backup Business

Data backup is the term used for copying data into a different storage in order to keep it out of reach of harm’s way if such event occurs. For almost any kind of business, their precious data is stored in computers and servers and is probably the most important item within the organization. Should the data inside the current storage be deleted or corrupted then the business will either have to start from scratch building up the database or the organization will not last for long.

With this in mind, many IT organizations should backup data for other companies so that their precious data can always be safe. For these data backup businesses, searching for these leads that need their services should be handled by experts. Telemarketing firms are among the best in the business when it comes to achieving the best results for one's IT lead generation campaign.

IT telemarketing firms are the best option when it comes to outsourcing a data backup business' lead generation campaign for a number of reasons.

  1. They are experts in gathering data backup leads
  2. A telemarketing firm specializes in gathering leads within the IT industry. These call center agents are able to let their client's prospects engage in a conversation with them so that the company that provide data backup can acquire long-term business relationships with these leads.
  3. IT telemarketing firm makes sure that their telemarketers are well-trained
  4. These companies always keep their agents skills and talents in top condition. By doing so, these agents can handle any type of objection or rejection that they may come across during a cold call.
  5. Outsourcing one's lead generation campaign for acquiring data backup leads means better quality of work at lesser the cost
  6. There are many IT businesses that might think the creating the lead generation campaign in house is the more cost effective solution. This is true at only the first few phases of the campaign. To keep the campaign for long periods of time, the IT business needs to spend a ton of money to sufficiently supply the campaign. Outsourcing to experts provides instant expertise at lowered capital costs.

These reasons are a few of the many understanding as to why outsourcing to an IT telemarketing is the better option. Furthermore, these reasons will allow the campaign to be able to generate high quality leads. The leads gathered through these outsourced services can let the business have the greatest chances of acquiring transactions out of them, and even long-term business relationships.

A telemarketing firm that specializes in the IT industry can offer tons of other benefits for the data backup business. For instance:

  • They can give the business a competitive edge
  • Searching for leads can be quite rigorous and the competition between other data backup businesses certainly does not help. Telemarketing firms are able to effectively reach out to their client's leads making lead generation processes faster and smoother to accomplish.
  • Outsourcing telemarketing services allows the business to create a stress free environment within their organization's walls
  • Getting a stress free environment within the data backup business will let their internal workforce to concentrate on their daily tasks with a more goal oriented attitude. This allows the business to further their development and growth of their finances among other things.

Small Business Maketing News Update - Green Cove Springs, Florida Companies Sweep Manufacturing Awards

The community of Green Cove Springs has become a “hot bed” for manufacturing in Northeast Florida. Just consider that the three “Manufacturer of the Year” awards, presented by the First Coast Manufacturers Association for the large, medium and small manufacturers, were all won by Green Cove Springs manufacturers.

Vac-Con, Inc., the manufacturer of truck mounted vacuum, water jet and vacuum excavation equipment for commercial and municipal environmental applications, won the award in the large manufacturer category.

Harris Lighting, a designer and manufacturer of energy efficient lighting systems, won the medium size category.

And Alternate Energy Technologies, the United States’ largest manufacturer of flat plate solar thermal collectors, took home the award for the small manufacturer category.

In addition to these companies, there are a variety of manufacturers, all within a few miles radius, including manufacturers such as Hanson Pipe, Pyramid Mouldings, and Mobro Marine.

There may be a reason that these manufacturers are clustered just south of the small town of Green Cove Springs, which is about 24 miles south of Jacksonville. The area offers advantages that many companies may overlook when locating their plant in Northeast Florida. Factors, such as plenty of available industrial land at competitive prices; a local port at the Green Cove site on the St. Johns River; access to rail; and favorable taxes; make this area attractive for plant expansions and relocations. Then there is the future construction of a beltway going right through this area that will connect I-10 and I-95.

So when thinking about manufacturing locations in Florida, don’t overlook Green Cove Springs – it’s a winner!

By the way, congratulations to the other manufacturing winners at the recent First Coast Manufacturers Association annual “Excellence in Manufacturing Awards” banquet:

Fleet Readiness CenterFounders Service Award
Peak 10Associate of the Year Award
Saft AmericaEnvironmental Award
Vistakon – Workforce Education Award AND Economic Impact Award


Qualities Of A Good Social Media Marketer

Social media marketing is the latest in marketing tools. Indeed, this is a method that plays a huge role for any business seeking to improve their market performance. This is particularly true if they are looking for good B2B leads. After all, what is the purpose of social media other than to generate qualified leads for the company? And with the world now connected more than ever through the social media, you can say that this creates fertile ground for you to market on. All that remains is for you to look for the right social media marketer. Now, what are the qualities of a good one?

1. The Thinker – this applies not just at the concept phase of the campaign. It also plays a role in the process itself. How can you expect a lead generation campaign to succeed without someone analyzing the latest trends?
2. The Researcher – a good social media marketer would be able to know what customers really want through the help of research tools available to them. Understanding what makes people buy or do business with a company can actually make all the difference between being in the know or having no clue as to what to offer.
3. The Writer – take note that social media is communication. You must have someone who has the skills in the communication as well as in writing. They must be able to convert their thoughts into concrete calls for action, which would often generate hot B2B leads.
4. The Empathizer – does the marketer have any idea what are the trends in the market? Has he been able to capitalize on that? Was he able to generate qualified leads through his understanding of the market? These are just some of the questions that can influence your choice of social media marketer.

Take note of these four key characteristics and you will find the right man for the job.

Is Outsourcing To Telemarketers The Right Thing For You?

This is just one question in the over all debate about outsourcing. This business strategy has never failed to elicit a lot of reactions from many business quarters. It can also affect you as well, whether you just want to earn better profits or find a way to beat your competitors. This is particularly polemic in the telemarketing industry. There are those complaining about the poor service, of so many Americans losing their jobs abroad, and of the movement of American dollars outside the country. All these are just some of the reasons why this is a very touchy topic.

But really, why do firms outsource to telemarketing firms?

Sure, Americans may be able to do the same job that foreigners now perform, but do they have the patience and the skills needed in dealing with problems on the phone? Perhaps, or perhaps not.

If money is leaving the country, then it is a problem that big multinational firms will have to answer. And besides, how can we help small and medium firms who may not have the budget to pay for local telemarketers for brief market surveys or the like?

Jobs are leaving the United States, there is a good reason for that, apart from the cheapness of foreign labor. There are some things that Americans may not be able to do, like in advance technical support and engineering. Sure, locals will say no to that, but unless they can produce people with the skills for it, then this will continue.

What Outbound Call Centers Can Do for Your Business

Outbound call centers are staffed by professional telemarketers or phone representatives (also known as call center agents) who only do outgoing calls in behalf of an organization or a client. These agents are usually setting business appointments or introducing solutions and services. They provide reliable telemarketing services for optimum customer acquisition.

This kind of call center got more than just the typical appointment setting or lead generation. Other services also involve market surveys, seminar registration process, appointment confirmations, customer satisfaction surveys and more.

There’s no other channel that lets customers to up-sell new products, satisfy any related issues and obtain achievable results than outbound call centers. They have also provided businesses the chance to contact consumers directly, ask them for important feedback about the products and services, their buying experience and to thank them for their purchase.

Because more firms are getting aware of the rewards and advantages of the call center services, various businesses utilize them in order to boost their customer service and sales campaigns. Nevertheless, not all have realized the enduring advantages of these call centers. Sad to say, numerous companies just tend to view the outbound services industry as a one shot deal instead of a long-term asset and commitment.

On the contrary, outbound call centers work for the realization of your goals. They function in order to produce the greatest income to any kind of business. Not to mention that these call centers are very lucrative. That’s why it’s advisable to employ one now.

Is Outsourcing A Safe Business Investment?

How safe is outsourcing for a company, especially in the field of telemarketing? That is a question that a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners are probably thinking about. To start with, this is a business tactic that has shown a lot of promise. There are so many business opportunities that open up with the help of telemarketing. It has proven itself very useful in sales lead generation, where telemarketers are often employed to generate the very important B2B sales leads. Of course, this would depend on how good is the telemarketing services that you hired. This will dictate the quality of your sales leads.

Outsourcing is a very good business investment. It can help you save a lot in terms of operating costs and in labor. You can also get skilled workers for your sales campaigns with the help of outsourcing. The only problem here would be with regards to the skills of the B2B lead generation company, or reputation. How many stories have we heard of businesses that only got half-baked sales leads because the people supposed to do them are complete amateurs? Or what about the other firms who paid for the service, but ended up with nothing at all? They just happened to be victims of fraud.

Of course, while this may be a scary scenario, it does not reduce the potentials of this service. The benefits would far outweigh the risks. And besides, if you are able to work with a telemarketing firm with a good track record in lead generation, then you can’t go wrong.
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