Is Outsourcing To Telemarketers The Right Thing For You?

This is just one question in the over all debate about outsourcing. This business strategy has never failed to elicit a lot of reactions from many business quarters. It can also affect you as well, whether you just want to earn better profits or find a way to beat your competitors. This is particularly polemic in the telemarketing industry. There are those complaining about the poor service, of so many Americans losing their jobs abroad, and of the movement of American dollars outside the country. All these are just some of the reasons why this is a very touchy topic.

But really, why do firms outsource to telemarketing firms?

Sure, Americans may be able to do the same job that foreigners now perform, but do they have the patience and the skills needed in dealing with problems on the phone? Perhaps, or perhaps not.

If money is leaving the country, then it is a problem that big multinational firms will have to answer. And besides, how can we help small and medium firms who may not have the budget to pay for local telemarketers for brief market surveys or the like?

Jobs are leaving the United States, there is a good reason for that, apart from the cheapness of foreign labor. There are some things that Americans may not be able to do, like in advance technical support and engineering. Sure, locals will say no to that, but unless they can produce people with the skills for it, then this will continue.
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