The Advantages of Getting an Updated Business Database

People nowadays want to be updated in a lot of things. For example, a technology enthusiast wants to get updated all the time so that he or she can get the latest gadgets available on the market. By doing so, that person will not be left behind in today's current technological trends.

Now let us take this understanding and put into a business owner's point of view. Getting up-to-date tools for their marketing campaign allows them to acquire a high competitive standing in a more stress-free manner. As such, when contacting prospects through their marketing campaign, it needs a lot fresh leads to allow it to be completed with the greatest of results. These leads will direct the campaign in a straighter path as they will allow businesses to acquire an even greater chance of closing a deal with them.

Getting an updated business database is the best way to improve a b2b marketing campaign. Once the business gets a hand of this great tool for their marketing campaign, a lot of advantages can be attained upon doing so. Let us take a look at some of the major benefits of acquiring this database from a reliable source.

* Obtain a huge number of fresh leads, even on the first try
Many b2b marketing campaigns seem to be more of a trial and error adventure at its early stages because the business may either be using an outdated list or they are still building one. Purchasing the database from a credible provider entitles numerous fresh leads for the campaign. These leads are those possible clients that have not signed any kind of deal with other companies within the same industry as the one who has purchased the database. Hence, the acquisition of transactions from these leads is deemed as an even greater possibility with the aid of an updated database.

* Obtain a good number of praises from prospects instead of their complaints
Contacting other companies randomly is surely not the way to go for the business. Doing so can tarnish the name of ones business. The main reason is because randomly contacting people will generate a great deal of annoyance for the prospect.

Acquiring a business database from a reliable source means that the targeted market has been hit with near perfect precision. This allows the lead to feel that they play an important role in the business' eventful growth.

* Relieves the campaign of a number of possible errors
As stated earlier, businesses may treat their campaign as a trial and error basis during its early stages. During this period, a lot of possible mistakes can occur which hinders the campaign in quickly attaining new opportunities. With a reliable database, business owners will be relieved of a ton of errors for their marketing campaign. Hence, the acquisition of transactions from leads and prospects will be a lot quicker.

* Allow the marketing campaign to be more cost effective than before
Purchasing the business database might not come cheap. However, if purchased from a reliable source, it entitles the campaign to become more cost effective than one without a database. As the database is being lead along a straight path during its course, the probability of attaining a fruitful outcome from it will be very high. As such, the money that was spent in purchasing the database will come back in a the form of a huge increase on the business' rate of income.

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Get a Boost in Your Network Consulting Business with Telemarketing

You can put an end to poor business performance if you use IT telemarketing. It’s one of the effective ways to get more number of IT consulting leads that are needed by IT firms to boost their business operations. Also, technology telemarketing has proven itself to be very useful in improving the sales capacity of IT firms and in gathering sufficient number of network consulting services leads as well as IT management consulting leads. These leads can then be used to find new markets and increase the market presence of the company that used them. No doubt, telemarketing has provided some level of solution that can be appreciated by businesses in the IT industry.

Telemarketing as a lead generation tool has long been known by businesses. Professional telemarketers with efficient training and skills are able to deliver leads that are otherwise impossible to get with the use of other marketing methods. It's a good tool in gathering network architecture leads and IT management services leads. Aside from these, it produces network consulting leads at lower costs. Also, the leads are generated faster that gives customers more time to reach more prospects. And lastly, nothing beats a ringing phone in terms of getting the attention of people.

So what do you think of this strategy? Are you ready to give this a try? Make up your mind because this is an opportunity that you shouldn't miss. Make a wise investment now.

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Why Appointment Setting Services are Beneficial for Generating New Businesses

Direct meeting with potential customers is often more fruitful for business organizations. The results include more rapid development and improved business returns. But realistically speaking, it’s not always possible personally meet with clients and prospects. This is where telemarketing contact centers come in handy via their appointment setting services. These telemarketing companies are largely in charge for promoting and advertising their client’s solutions (goods and services). Overtime, they have perfected the skills of setting business appointments.

Essence of Appointment Setting Services

Appointment setting service is a type of marketing and promotions tactic. In almost each instance, this marketing style has been very efficient in enhancing businesses. Nonetheless, it’s a complex process and no firm could take the entire responsibility of it on their own. Naturally, it’s not realistic for businesses to spend their valuable time in setting up these appointments daily. In order to prevent these inconveniences, companies can hand over their entire appointment setting functions to any reputable and competent call center. After these contact centers receive the information and specifications from their client, use their capable resources and expertise to call and set business appointments. But take note that not all of these organizations are reliable, so it’s always important to choose the right telemarketing firm which has the likelihood of delivering good appointment setting service.

Advantages of Appointment Setting Services in Generating New Opportunities

Each business organization can yield many new business opportunities with the aid of these services. This effective marketing medium has become so popular to the consumers that they’re willing to spend a sizeable portion of their promotions and advertising funds on that. There are several firms which outsource their entire services to other telemarketing leads agencies. Doing this facilitate them in saving costs and make them focus on their core competencies.

What Appointment Setting is About

It is a fact that appointment setting is very important. Whether you may agree or not, the truth is that any business can’t survive minus appointment setting process. Appointment setting is about identifying the prospects and setting business meeting where sales and marketing representatives and the prospects can discuss business matters personally.

You could look for several firms providing appointment setting services. You have to provide them a prospects list and they’ll set business appointments with them for your sales and marketing staff. However, the reality of the procedure is a far cry from what is usually believed and prior to hiring a consultant. First, you have to ask, “Does this course of action lead to improved and enhanced sales productivity?”

More often, many has considered appointment setting to be a myth since plenty of telemarketing companies will merely begin to call your prospects sans even having real familiarity and understanding of whatever your firm is providing and why the prospect is interested in setting appointments. It occurs on a lot of instances that prospects be in agreement for your sales representatives to meet, but then most of the meetings don’t end up in fruitful results. And some prospects might not even remember an appointment has been set in the first place. Any unqualified appointments like that can really add to the cost.

In order to maximize appointment setting attempts, if at all possible, you must contract a call center to whom you not merely delegate the appointment setting programs, but one who can give the solutions. A company like that can pack client forecasts and then establish major appointments—and not simply halfhearted or lackluster meetings. And aside from that, also be certain that their professional sales and marketing representatives could serve the solutions you require to increase sales leads, etc.

Top Secrets for Lead Generation Success

It’s essential to consider that when prospective customers view your blog or website and then move on to other sites, it’s unlikely that they’d visit again if there are no compelling motives to prompt them to act right away. The reason for this is that most people respond rashly online.

It’s oftentimes considered that content—unique content that is, on your website would enable some visitors to return, but in these days very competitive market online, this will not suffice. If you want success and growth of your business, it relies on converting your visitors straight into subscribers on your mailing list.

You have to convert visitors into subscribers of your mailing list by way of a clear-cut opt-in prior to them leaving your website or blog. You can do this by utilizing an opt-in form on a squeeze page which needs their first names and email addresses only. Doing this would heighten your conversion rate.

Another effective tip for lead generation which enhances to maximize your conversion rate is to maintain the opt-in box above the fold, which means that visitors don’t have to scroll down the page in order to find it. If ever you position the opt-in box at the bottom, you risk losing your visitors—this is actually one of the Internet marketer’s common mistakes.

In order to develop massive list of responsive leads, make sure that your opt-in box is situated on the upper right hand corner of the website or blog. This technique is actually working well and is being applied by all the successful internet marketers since it works just fine.

Now that you got visitors subscribed into your mailing list, you’re able to keep in touch with them via email. This enables you to deliver them more offers of goods or services and any solutions to purchase.

Small Business Marketing News Update - Auto Salvage Industry Hit By Lack Of Rain And Clunkers

With the lack of rain and the implementation of the Cash-for-Clunkers program, inventory for the auto salvage industry is down substantially, according to Bob Eubanks, president and owner of Rusty AcresInc., of one of the most successful auto reclamation centers in Florida.

Eubanks, whose business serves the Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia markets, says the industry has been hit by two major issues. First, the federal government’s Cash-for-Clunkers program diminished a natural and large source (over 690,000 running vehicles) of late model vehicles that would normally be picked and sold as salvage. “The clunkers were taken off the market and the engines were filled with a substance like cement, “ Eubanks explained. “So each vehicle was worthless as far as salvage.”

Another side effect of removing the clunkers is the shortage of used vehicles at auto dealerships. With the economy as sluggish as it is, used vehicles are more popular than ever. But with the shortage, the price of used cars has increased, defeating the main motivation for people buying used.

The second hit to the industry has been the lack of rain, not only in North Florida but also around the South. “If it doesn’t rain, you don’t have as many auto accidents,” Eubanks said. “Not that wrecks are good, but it does help supply the salvage industry.”

Rain was minimal in North Florida and South Georgia during the first half of the year, which affected the local market. But Eubanks’ operation utilizes a national network system, where he can locate and deliver parts anywhere throughout the country, including the Southeast. So with a major drought in Texas, his business was also affected by the lack of rain in that market.

“We have been doing a very brisk business in our industry, even during the recession,” Eubanks explained. “But we would be doing even better if we had the inventory.”

In addition to owning Rusty Acres, Eubanks is also the past president of the Florida Auto Dismantlers And Recyclers Association (FADRA).

Small Business Marketing Update - While Big Banks Seek New Fees, 121 Financial Credit Union Eliminates Charges

Due to its financial strength and its commitment to its members to provide banking services at the lowest possible costs, 121 Financial Credit Union has eliminated its $5 monthly maintenance fee for member accounts, effective November 1, 2011, announced William Braddock, CEO of 121 Financial Credit Union.

“To our knowledge, we are now the only financial institution in the Northeast Florida market with absolutely no maintenance fee,” reported Braddock.

Sending a message that 121 Financial is a member/consumer advocate institution that is less concerned about generating profits than its banking competitors, particularly the big banks, 121 management is seeking ways to eliminate members’ banking expenses.

“Maintenance fees in financial institutions are generally charged on small dollar account relationships to “level the playing field” for those who use (or only qualify for) very limited services,” Braddock explained. “In other words, the Credit Union is unable to generate revenue on these accounts, so the fee was imposed as a matter of fairness to those who use more of the Credit Union’s services. For that reason, our maintenance fee was originally established nearly a decade ago.

“But in reviewing the current environment where institutions have been adding fees, such as $5 per month debit card fees, and then having to back down due to customer anger, we felt we needed to be proactive. Our goal is to always pass on savings to our members whenever and wherever possible,” Braddock said. “For example, we have never charged a fee on our debit card use. Our members are our “shareholders” and they reap the benefits. We answer to them not to stockholders who are just looking at the bottom line.”

Small Business Marketing Update - Metro Newspapers Are Becoming A Dying Breed

With the latest round of employee layoffs at the Florida Times Union, there is much speculation as to how long will the metro paper remain in the Northeast Florida market in its current form.

Even with the paper's reduced the size and number of sections, the newspaper is still edging up its subscripion rates in order to help stop the financial bleeding. But if subscribers are unhappy with the changes or questioning the paper's future, how many are resubscribing, at best, for the shortest 13-week rate in anticipation of the paper's end?

The newspaper industry as a whole has been hemorrhaging and no one seems to know how to stop it. At a recent symposium in San Franciso, keynote speaker Jeffrey Cole, director of the Center for the Digital Future at the USC Annenberg School, reported some startlingly revelations about the future of metro papers.

After decades of study, Cole has precedicted that metro papers have about 5 years of existence left. He believes there will be four to five American newspapers left standing, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.

Cole told John Obrecht, the editor of BtoB magazine in a featured article, that "instead of counting down the two-newspaper towns (in 1900 there were 600 U.S cities with two newspapers, there are now six), we're now counting down the no-newspaper towns."

Cole said in the article "30 years ago teenagers didn't read newspapers but started to when they got into their 20"s and 30"s. Today they don't read the newspapers and evidence is clear they never will.

"The sad truth is that everytime a newspaper reader dies, he or she is not being replaced by a new reader."

As one elderly Jacksonville subscriber commented "if the newspaper goes away, where will we go to check the obituaries?"

Small Business Marketing News Update - Snap2 Succeeds Through Recession With A Unique Combination of Services

Utilizing a unique combination of mailing/shipping services with eBay consignment, along with selected business support services, a six-year old Jacksonville, Florida company, known as Snap2, has found a successful formula for retail success in an unstable economy.

The company, owned by Brian Frazier and Dennis Moats, began by offering traditional mailing and shipping services, including fax, copies, mailboxes, notary and passport photos and limited eBay consignment sales. Then the owners spent the past two years expanding their services, first by developing proprietary software that provides a built-in operational method for eBay listings and consignment. At the same time they added additional services that include printing, direct mail capabilities and marketing services geared to small and start-up companies.

“The economy has shown us several things as our strategy is concerned,” Frazier reported. “First, businesses are outsourcing more in order to reduce costs. Secondly, because many businesses have laid off upper management personnel, and with the lack of jobs, there are more people starting up or buying into their own businesses, many being home-based businesses.

“Unlike many of the typical mailing/shipping retailers, we have positioned our business to take advantage of today’s economic issues. We are able to offer services at low rates that can help small businesses or entrepreneurs compete in the marketplace,” Frazier explained.

“With us they can have a business address that is not their home. They can have a shipping department without the costs of personnel or materials. Through our online sales, we can help them move inventory or provide them with a new sales channel. And we can even assist them in their marketing through strategic planning, graphics and direct mail services,” Moats added.

Along with business services, Snap2 provides an array of mailing/shipping services to everyday walk-in customers. “We have many people who use us as their neighborhood post office, plus we provide even more services, whether it’s notarizing documents or selling their valuables on eBay,” Frazier added.

Sales have been consistent over the five years of the business’ existence with either same year’s sales or slight increases during the recession years. “We have had a solid business during the recession because of our service mix,” Frazier said. “And with our added support services, we believe we are building an even stronger business.”

Over the past two years, the company has created a new brand under the Snap2 name with a new store floor layout, new interior look, new signage, new marketing tools and a new web presence.

Small Business Marketing Update - Does Northeast Florida Pay Its Fair Share In Taxes?

When critics speak of people and businesses not paying their fair share, consider the various types of taxes that face Northeast Florida.

Accounts Receivable Tax
Building Permit Tax
CDL License Tax
Cigarette Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Dog License Tax
Excise Tax
Federal Income Tax
Federal Unemployment Tax
Fishing License Tax
Food License Tax
Fuel Permit Tax
Gasoline Tax
Gross Receipts Tax
Hunting License Tax
Inheritance Tax
Inventory Tax
IRS Interest Charges
Liquor Tax
Luxury Tax
Marriage License Tax
Medicare Tax
Personal Property Tax
Property Tax
Real Estate Tax
Service Charge Tax
Social Security Tax
Recreational Vehicle Tax
Sales Tax
School Tax
State Unemployment Tax
Telephone Federal Excise Tax
Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Tax
Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax
Telephone State and Local Tax
Telephone Usage Charge Tax
Utility Taxes:
- Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) City of Jacksonville Franchise Fee Tax
- JEA Gross Receipts Tax
- JEA Sewer Public Service Tax
- JEA Sewer Environmental Charge (prorated 17 day) Tax
- JEA Sewer Environmental Charge (prorated 12 day) Tax
- JEA Sewer City of Jacksonville Franchise Fee Tax
- JEA Water Environmental Charge (prorated 17 day) Tax
- JEA Water Environmental Charge (prorated 12 day) Tax
- JEA Water City of Jacksonville Franchise Fee Tax
- JEA Water City of Jacksonville Public Service Tax
Vehicle License Registration Tax
Vehicle License Renewal Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Watercraft Registration Tax
Well Permit Tax
Workers Compensation Tax
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