Small Business Marketing News Update - Snap2 Succeeds Through Recession With A Unique Combination of Services

Utilizing a unique combination of mailing/shipping services with eBay consignment, along with selected business support services, a six-year old Jacksonville, Florida company, known as Snap2, has found a successful formula for retail success in an unstable economy.

The company, owned by Brian Frazier and Dennis Moats, began by offering traditional mailing and shipping services, including fax, copies, mailboxes, notary and passport photos and limited eBay consignment sales. Then the owners spent the past two years expanding their services, first by developing proprietary software that provides a built-in operational method for eBay listings and consignment. At the same time they added additional services that include printing, direct mail capabilities and marketing services geared to small and start-up companies.

“The economy has shown us several things as our strategy is concerned,” Frazier reported. “First, businesses are outsourcing more in order to reduce costs. Secondly, because many businesses have laid off upper management personnel, and with the lack of jobs, there are more people starting up or buying into their own businesses, many being home-based businesses.

“Unlike many of the typical mailing/shipping retailers, we have positioned our business to take advantage of today’s economic issues. We are able to offer services at low rates that can help small businesses or entrepreneurs compete in the marketplace,” Frazier explained.

“With us they can have a business address that is not their home. They can have a shipping department without the costs of personnel or materials. Through our online sales, we can help them move inventory or provide them with a new sales channel. And we can even assist them in their marketing through strategic planning, graphics and direct mail services,” Moats added.

Along with business services, Snap2 provides an array of mailing/shipping services to everyday walk-in customers. “We have many people who use us as their neighborhood post office, plus we provide even more services, whether it’s notarizing documents or selling their valuables on eBay,” Frazier added.

Sales have been consistent over the five years of the business’ existence with either same year’s sales or slight increases during the recession years. “We have had a solid business during the recession because of our service mix,” Frazier said. “And with our added support services, we believe we are building an even stronger business.”

Over the past two years, the company has created a new brand under the Snap2 name with a new store floor layout, new interior look, new signage, new marketing tools and a new web presence.

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