Small Business Marketing News Update - Jacksonville's WOKV Ranks #1 In Nation For Talk Radio

wokv.comAccording to the latest Arbitron Research, WOKV radio, a Cox station in Jacksonville, Florida, is the top rated news talk radio station in the nation.

The top 10 rankings are
#1 Jacksonville
#2 Cincinnati
#3 Atlanta
#4 Milwaukee
#5 Salt Lake City
#6 Columbus, Ohio
#7 Austin
#8 Seattle
#9 Cleveland
#10 Sacramento

Depending on the demographics an advertiser wants to reach, WOKV could be one of the best targeted radio buys in 2012 in Jacksonville this year. Northeast Florida is a politically conservative, business town that follows local and national political news. With the presidential election, the Florida Senate race, and local legislative races (after redrawn districts), WOKV will command very strong numbers.

That being said, it doesn’t mean advertisers have to be selling products or services related to politics. It means that WOKV can deliver an audience with demographics that include a $100,000 + income; professional/management; college graduates; and strong with men 25-45.
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